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Friday, January 27, 2012

Who I am, what I want, all that good stuff

Hello, my name is Sarah Elisabeth Newman. I was born in April of 1994, which makes me 17 now, almost eighteen, and I am a writer. I have nothing published yet, so don't Google me or anything, but I have finished the first draft of my first novel. Let's pray it goes well.

So you'll want to get to know me, I suppose. I like to write about myself, obviously, so this may get lengthy; you can skip it if you like. Here goes. The first and most important thing about me is this: I am a follower of Jesus Christ, my beloved Savior and King. That doesn't mean I'm perfect; I screwup, and I have my own sins, but I have been forgiven. Because of Him, I am writing to influence the lives of the lost (those without Him) and encourage my own brothers and sisters in Jesus. That's the most important thing in my life; on to the rest! I've been writing since I was nine years old, when I read books through my fourth grade math class and then wrote short stories in English. I didn't know anything back then except that I wanted to write, and I don't know much more now. However, what started as Redwall, Legend of Zelda, and Rowan of Rin fanfiction stories became what I write today. And that's... well, whatever that is. We'll get to that. Now, other than writing and books, I am a huge fan of vampires -- The Vampire Diaries, Being Human US, etc. -- mysteries -- The Patrick Bowers Files by Steven James, Sherlock Holmes, Castle -- and science fiction -- Doctor Who, Miles Vorkosigan by Lois McMaster Bujold, and anything by Joss Whedon.

You know who I am, so let's get on to what I want. I'm a writer; there's no ifs, ands, or buts about that. The problem is, no one knows me, and it's because I'm not out there yet. I just started releasing my name to the Internet, and I'm starting this blog, hoping to get some notice. Eventually, I will have my agent, and my book will be published (plan B: self-publishing, but that's a long way off), but for now, I have a blog and a Facebook account. I also have a Netflix, a Subeta, and a Youtube, but that's inconsequential; those are just for procrastination. So there you have what I want: to get noticed. I mean, that's just a part in my master plan to publish books and hopefully change lives; we'll see what God's plan is.

Now we can get to the fun part! If you're still here after all that boring stuff, you must want to know I'm working on, right? Here it is. I have one almost-finished novella called Stargazer, which is a love story between two mythical creatures of my own design. It's light, sweet, and secular, just for fun. But that's just one project; my baby is a full-length novel called Redemption. It's a tale almost impossible to describe, even though I've been working on it for a year now. Let's just say... In an off-the-map town, a quiet, sleepy little place, evil will arise, good must prevail, and lives will be forever changed.

Stay tuned for updates on Redemption, my side projects, and everything else that I feel like writing about. Maybe I'll even review things (though I doubt it). This didn't get quite as long I expected it to, but it's close. Any comments? I love comments. Comment!

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  1. Great first post! Very straight forward and honest. You'll build yourself an audience yet! My biggest tips for you are: 1: You must continue to post regularly (sure, I'm a hypocrite, but it's true! That's what keeps readers coming back and that's what keeps you moving forward in the blogging world. 2: Everyone loves comments (I mean you just admittd that you do) well, even if bloggers won't admit it they really do love comments. It tells them that someone cares, etc. More importantly for you, though, is that if you comment on other people's blogs they'll be more likely to at least check out your blog. 3: Plug shamelessly (and shamefully) whenever the opportunity presents itself (note: only when the opportunity presents itself, not just random self advertizing whenever you feel like it.) 4: Enjoy the ride and keep writing!