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Friday, March 30, 2012

Something that's not a book review

I hardly ever laugh while reading a book. Even then, it's really more of a giggle or a chuckle, not a true laugh. A sentence in ink doesn't compare to an actor on a screen. There's just something to be said for comedic timing -- something you can't fit on a page. This being said, you should have heard me laugh while reading Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography. Really? Nonfiction made you laugh? you may ask. Yes. Yes, it did. In fact, I laughed for quite a few minutes, and the memory is making me smile right now.

Who is Elisabeth Sladen, you ask? Shame on you! Lis was a superb actress, who played one of the most memorable characters of Doctor Who EVER. She even got her own spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures. Sadly, she died last year, but her memory lives on, showing up in odd little places like my blog here and some random Internet meme.*

So I bet you're wondering what had me laughing so hard at this book. I've giggled and smiled all the way through it, but page 89 had me rolling. Here's what was said:

[This is a scene where Lis has just started working for Doctor Who, and another actor is playing a Sontaran, a type of warlike alien.]
"With one hand on his hip, he announced, 'I am a Sontaran.'
Kevin's lazy Aussie vowels really made the word sing: 'Son-TAR-run.'
Bromly was puffing away on his pipe, not saying much as usual. Then he beetled over, script in hand, and said, 'Kevin, I think it's "Son-terran", emphasis on the first syllable.'
'Well, I think it's "Son-TAR-run",' Kevin snorted. 'And I come from the fucking place, so I should know!'"

I laughed so hard when I read this. I could just see this man in my head, telling off his director because he bloody well knew what he was doing, thank you very much.

I adore this book. I never can figure out how to write a review, so this will just have to do as my recommendation: Read this book. Read it.

*If this in any way seemed disrespectful, please note that I admire Mrs. Miller (Sladen's married name) and would never intentionally disrespect her memory.

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