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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Complex

I recently picked up an old story again, one that I stopped writing sometime last year, and reread what I had. It's called The Complex (though I may yet change that), and it's... Well, I can't describe it yet. I like it though, and I'm considering reworking what I have to fit with my new ideas and devoting my time to making it into a full novel.

Now at one point, I created a video trailer for The Complex, but when I had to factory reset my computer, I lost a bit of my stuff. I'm thinking of creating another one, and then I'll post that here, but before I do, a quick warning:

The Complex is nothing at all like Redemption (which will hopefully be finding its way into your hands within the next year). Obviously, my writing style is still intact and my characters are as annoyingly obstinate as ever, but the stories themselves are completely different. I just want to understand that I won't be like Brian Jacques (a writer I idolized as a child); my writings range from science fiction to drama to spiritual fiction to... Well, who knows what? I'm so bad at labeling my own stories.

This post is really pointless. Huh... Well, here's my updated schedule:
  • Working on getting Redemption published
  • Writing The Complex
  • Walking my dog
  • Having adventures
  • Reading more classical novels
  • Practicing driving that metal death machine in my driveway
  • And trying to get a "real" job
Sorry for the pointless rambling, and have a good day!

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