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Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Love your neighbors as yourself."

I wrote this a while back and finished it just now. It has no point, but it's something I think about. (And I just remembered that I wrote this after watching Thor. Super hero movies: the very best at stories where the hero creates the villain.)

I’m watching a movie or television show, and suddenly, I notice something about this character.  He could be the guy who’s going to snap and kill everyone or himself in the end, or maybe he’s just a jerk.  That doesn’t really matter.  He’s depressed, mean, or something else, but that doesn’t matter either.  What does matter is the lack of love shown toward him.
Obviously, no one would want to love a murderer or other type of evil person.  I wouldn’t expect anyone too.  But it’s before all that, when this character is still in the early stages of breaking down, that he needs kindness and guidance.  And he’s not going to accept it from the righteous hero; he needs it from another source.
Haven’t you ever watched a movie and thought, that entire conflict could have been resolved if someone had given -insert character name here- a hug in the first five minutes?  It drives me crazy because I know that I would be the one to give him that hug.  Except… I wouldn’t.
As we travel through life, we are oblivious to the pain of those around us.  We see them, but we don’t, not really.  We think we follow the command of God – to love our neighbors as we love ourselves – but we’re hypocrites.  All of us.  We don’t like to admit it, but we are.

So I don't know if there's a point to this. I don't think I can impart any wisdom on how to change yourself -- other than to ask God to help you. It's just an observation, something I wrote in a passionate frenzy -- I do that sometimes.

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